Monday, April 9, 2012

The Texas Antique Weekend

  I'm sure most of ya'll have already read all about the wonders of the Warrenton Antique Festival over at Miss Betty Crafter's blog (make sure you stop by and enter her contest to win a super cute squirrel planter). This was my first time attending and it was such a dream come true, I had to go twice! I went opening week with Mike and then back a week later with Betty and our friend Cassie.

  Before we arrived in the Warrenton/Round Top area we had to take a small dirt road out to the middle of nowhere. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty sure Leatherface was waiting just around the bend.

  Once we arrived safely at our desitination I was overcome with some of the most beautiful vintage treasures my eyes could behold! The picture doesn't do this television justice, since there were lots of items piled in front of it, but it sat on a neat rolling stand. I can just imagine it in a turquoise kitchen!

  My little brother came for a visit a few weeks ago, and even though he's only 13 he loves the show 'American Pickers' and has developed a picking habit of his own when it comes to vintage signs & Coca Cola memorabilia. I had to snap a pic to share the massive haul they had at this booth.

  I, on the other hand, have a soft place in my heart for black Americana from the early/mid 1900s, and there was a ton of it at various booths. Check out this "Little Black Sambo" board game; they only had the cover of the box but the graphics are the most adorable thing!

 I have no idea what the 'Scairy Baby Hotel' is, but it certainly compliments the nearby Texas Chainsaw Massacre dirt road and gave me the creeps.

  And of course I fell in love with this pink Shasta trailer; it wasn't for sale but that didn't stop me from wishing I could take it home!

I almost swerved off the road when I saw this blow mold city but somehow managed to park safely before totally freaking out. Can I take them all home? Please??

   I did bring home two blow molds to start my collection. An adorable blue eyed Santa that Betty found for me and an overly happy and almost creepy Easter bunny.

  Next I died and went to Pyrex heaven. I seriously felt a few heart palpitations and got a little  teary eyed at this beautiful sight. I could of stayed here all day talking to the cute little old lady who was selling these. She spoke about them like they were her babies and with good reason.

  This was only a small portion of the Pyrex she had at her booth and there were several booths nearby with impressive collections as well. If I was a millionaire I would of bought it all! Sadly that's not the case but I still feel like I brought home a good haul. The best deal of the day was the 50 cents I paid for the mug.

  The goal of the first trip was to come home with an amazing planter and towards the end of the day I did just that! I had Mike do my bargaining for me and he was able to get this planter stand for $35. A trip to the nursery is in order to fill it with all kinds of lovely greenery.

  Speaking of plants, I also picked up this cute butterfly planter and a wonderful turquoise plant stand with my very last $20. 

  After Cassie picked up a gorgeous Bakelite orange fruit necklace and Betty her leaf necklace, I was yearning for a Bakelite necklace of my own.  I confessed to the ladies (who are both pretty serious collectors) that I didn't own any Bakelite, and we decided I had to remedy that pronto. I was skeptical on this necklace but after the dealer offered me the deal of a lifetime, I just couldn't say no. I'm so glad I decided to get it, since I've worn it nearly every day since!

  I just couldn't pass by this little deer bookend, he looks just like Bambi and looks perfect on our built in bookshelves in the family room.

  Of course I left a few things behind that I really wish I could have brought home, like this gorgeous laquered coffee table which would have looked absolutely perfect in our family room. (I'm still kicking myself for not buying it!)

  Aren't these puppies just the cutest thing you've ever seen!? They look just like my lemon beagle, Chase, who we adopted when he was 8 months old, so we never got to see him this tiny and adorable!

   And lastly comes our big splurge of the trip, a new patio set! I have been on the hunt for a patio set for a while now and when I saw this one I just knew we had to make it ours. We picked up the 3 chairs, love seat and side table from a dealer on the first trip and I found the matching table on my return trip. They were all pretty scratched up and rusty but after a coat of spray paint it is looking as good as new! We've got the chairs and small table painted so far; the love seat and dining table are on the to-do list for the next few days.

  I also have a few other recent finds to share but that will have to wait for next time... until then, happy hunting!


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  1. HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF ROUNDTOP?! Oh my gosh what fun and what great finds you had!