Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thrifty Shopping

   Now that the holidays are long gone I was hoping to get plenty of new projects done, but thanks to my work schedule I have been using most of my spare time for some much needed R&R. Since the house is at a comfortable place our project list has been put on the back burner and I am in need of some serious motivation to get back in work mode! We had been working on the bathroom and got the majority of our new wallpaper up before our housewarming party a few weekends ago. We saved the easiest/hardest part for last,  the easiest because it's the smallest area with no obstacles to cut around. Hardest because it's over the tub and our step stool won't fit and I am not tall enough to reach! Sounds like the boyfriend needs to come to the rescue (wink wink). I promise to get back to work soon & post before and after bathroom pictures before long. But for now I will take the easy way out and post about some of my newest finds.

   We went to a great estate sale a few weeks ago down in San Antonio. Unfortunately we hit quite a bit of traffic and got to the sale a half hour after it opened, so we missed out on a few treasures I was hoping to nab.  We were able to pick up a few things for our back yard, like this bird bath; which is one of the reasons I went to this sale. It didn't have a price tag so I stood  by to claim it while Mike went to ask about the price. Luckily it was very affordable so we were able to take it home, which was quite a feat since this baby was heavy! 

Isn't this squirrel just adorable?!

  We also picked up a set of fantastic folding patio chairs. They had a set of 8 at the sale, but 4 had already been claimed. At only $6 a piece I couldn't pass up the remaining 4 chairs. They are in beautiful shape and look great on our patio, now I just need a table to go with them! 

  On the way back to Austin we stopped by New Braunfels for a yummy German lunch of schnitzel and to hit up yet another estate sale. This one was mostly a bust, but I did find a piece of snowflake Pyrex for only a few dollars. It had a few stains, but once I got it home and gave it a good scrub most of them came off, yay!

   I've been itching to start a Pyrex collection, but for now I will take it slow picking up a piece here or  there when I find them. I've been stalking the local thrift stores since other bloggers have had luck finding Pyrex there for cheap. It must be my luck or the fact that Austin thrift stores get picked over very quickly, but I haven't had any success in the Pyrex department. However, I did pick up a few things on my last thrifting trip.

  This piece brought me back to my childhood of Orlando vacations visiting my Grandpa who had one of these in the playroom he had set up for the grandchildren. It is in amazing shape considering it is a kids toy, and for $1.99 I simply couldn't resist!

  I started collecting souvenir spoons in high school but had completely forgotten about it in recent years. When I found this America shaped spoon display at Goodwill I knew I had to renew my collecting fervor. Most of my spoons were lost to my parent's attic or trashbin when I moved out of the house, but I was able to find a few spoons I picked up in Europe several years ago. Of course my European souvenir spoons don't exactly go with the whole 'American' theme, but I'll just ignore that detail.  

  I picked up the chalkware ladybugs at a local antique shop and the spice rack was an Etsy purchase. The spice rack was new old stock, still in the original box and never used! I didn't think the label stickers would still be sticky, but they were! Unfortunately, out of all the stickers provided it did not have a 'Basil' label. I thought that was odd since basil is one of the most widely used spices in modern kitchens. Maybe basil wasn't as popular in the 70's?

   We also got a new address plate from Crestview Doors, doesn't it look great?

I guess I haven't been completely lazy, since I've done a bit of gardening. The spring flowers look beautiful! Pictures of the bathroom and new flowerbeds soon, for now here's a daffodil from my new garden.

I also have a shopping question for all of you out there in blog land: What kind of camera do you prefer to use for your digital blog photos? I've been using a mix of my iPhone and my 9 year old Olympus digital camera. After admiring the quality of photos on many of the blogs out there I have been itching to get a new camera, any suggestions?


  1. Love the squirrel! The chairs are great, and Im SOOOOOO tempted to get an adress plate from Crestview. My house has the Original numbers on it, and I could provably make a Crestview-esk kit. We scored quite a few treasures in Wichita Falls last weekend ourselfs!

  2. You could totally make it yourself, when we picked ours up we were surprised how simple it was! We actually remarked that we could of made it ourselves in the garage. :)