Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Love Lamp!

   Saturday morning I attended the Austin City Wide Garage Sale. Despite the name it's not much of a typical garage sale, more like a weekend long make-shift antique mall. I've been a few times over the years and it can be hit or miss, but I have found a few gems. The first garage sale I visited I found this killer Vargas print my mother in-law had custom framed for me and which now permanently resides above my bed.

   Since it is Labor Day weekend and therefore estate sales were slim pickings I decided to hit up the City Wide instead. As I first entered the door I noticed a table with a large collection of Tickled Pink dinnerware I was instantly drawn to, but I had to pull myself away by reminding myself that pink dishes would clash with my red kitchenware. It took a while for the 'no' to sink into my head while I admired it, but somehow I finally pried myself away. Good thing I did because shortly after I found a great Pyrex dish in the 'friendship' pattern that would go perfectly in my kitchen! Naturally it came home with me.

   A little while later I found a booth with some amazing mid century pieces. The mister was eyeing a Sears Silvertone record player.. but I was obsessed with a 50's pink lamp with a fiberglass shade. I was instantly in love, but it took some convincing to get Mike on board. He's usually very tolerant of my adoration of all things girly pink and has actually agreed to let me paint and one day even possibly re-tile our master bathroom in pink! But once I told him I would like to put the lamp in our formal living room; which will be his 'Record Room' (his equivalent of a man cave), it took some finesse to get him to come around. I was in love and wasn't leaving without it!

   Once I got this baby back to the apartment I realized we really have nowhere to display it until we move in to the house. I'm starting to get embarrassed to even have anyone enter our apartment since I've been acquiring so much stuff for the house that every available space is being occupied with my most recent finds.

   Since I promised a post about some of my new goodies I decided to share a few more lamps I recently picked up. I keep buying lamps and then feel guilty because I have 2 perfectly wonderful matching sets already hiding in the back of our closet (not vintage but new lamps inspired by mid century design). I guess I have a lamp obsession and didn't even realize it!

  I'll start off with this great light my generous stepmother salvaged from a neighbor who was remodeling her 1970's home. She sent me photos asking if I wanted it since she knew it was my style and I pretty much freaked out at how wonderful it was! This lamp will look positively perfect in the breakfast nook of our house. There's also a great chandelier she salvaged but it didn't photograph as well, so you'll just have to wait to see it once we have it installed in our dining room.

   The next one I bought when visiting Jacksonville back in July. I found a great antique mall I had never been to and this wonderful lamp was waiting there specially for me. I actually left the shop without it because I wasn't sure how I would get it to Texas. After dreaming all day and night about it I headed back to the shop the very next morning to make it mine. I was so nervous sending it in the mail, but I packed it with an entire bag of packing peanuts and wrote "FRAGILE" all over the box. Thankfully it arrived safe and sound!

    This last lamp I found hiding in the garage of a marvelous estate sale last weekend. I was one of the first people in line to get in the house and I left with a car full of treasures. I had been scoping out all the rooms in the house and making a huge hold pile when I finally made it into the garage about 20 minutes after first stepping foot in the house. I somehow even walked right past this baby when entering the garage and then noticed it from across the room. I made a mad dash for it, took 2 glances and told the friendly employee stationed at the door that it was mine! The top of it is pretty rusty and the plug had to be replaced, but it works great and is very bright. Just what we will need in our living room since there are no ceiling light fixtures.

   Well that's all of my lamps for now.. at this rate I am sure I will add another one to my collection soon enough!

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  1. Nice to see a new blog on the block! Keep up the good postings. Packing up and mailing home a lamp found on a trip? Hardcore!